Videos used for Vacancy Announcements

I work for Corporate Television. We convert content trapped in text, powerpoint, manual into video or video-rich application. On top of Business Development and Marketing I also handle all facets of HR. So I thought why not use videos for our vacancy announcements? We are building a pipeline of candidates for our potential Project Manager and Project-based editor, graphic artists and scriptwriter requirement. I would normally use posters and versions of posters-type announcements for online and offline recruitment campaign but this time I used an alternative format – videos.

Here’s one for our Project Management post:

Here’s for our Project-based or freelance vacancies:
With the advent of social media, moving into the use of videos to communicate a message and move an audience is slowly becoming the norm. HR should not be left behind. There’s more use for videos outside of Training videos, we just have to be creative in finding that sweet spot.

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