My Twitter Feed: Lessons from Talented Philippines Book Launch and Summit

I attended the launch of the highly anticipated book “Talented Philippines” authored by Karen Cariss and Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith. The event turned out to be more than just a book launch. Contributors were given time to expound on specific areas within their expertise.

I took to Twitter and posted some of my key take aways:

“There’s so much talent in the Philippines” #talentedphilippines

“PH has incredibly young talents” – Karen Cariss #talentedphilippines

“Unless we understand people and practices we cannot design technology that you can use” – Laren Cariss #talentedphilippines

“HEART-Holistic HR, Engaged employees, Artisans of a craft, Relevant to the business, Thought leaders” #talentedphilippines

“A true heart will not be complete without the H and R”- Roberto Policarpio #talentedphilippines

“The PH HR imperative is all about the Will, Wit and Wisdom”- Roberto Polocarpio #talentedphilippines

“Inspired by 2 non-Filipinos who invested in understanding the Filipino talent and putting it in writing” #talentedphilippines #wakeupcall

“Only 16% enroll in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math but this is where the industry need is” – Roland Ruiz #talentedphilippines

“There is talent shortage across the globe. HR should look for solutions and be proactive.” – Penny Bongato #talentedphilippines

“Human capital ranks #1 in the Top 5 CEO challenges in Southeast Asia #talentedphilippines

“HR professionals are equipped, the challenge is to get top management to partner with HR”- Jet Soriano #talentedphilippines

“HR needs to be more than a support group & enablers, we need to be part of the business” #talentedphilippines

“HR should be risk takers and be more assertive”- Penny Bongato ” #talentedphilippines

“Proactive HR: Go where the talent is. Understand the business and recommend solutions” #talentedphilippines

“Too many companies leave building their culture to change” – Lirio Mapa ” #talentedphilippines

“I don’t care how much you until I know how much you care” – Lirio Mapa ” #talentedphilippines

“Leaders inspire trust” – Lirio Mapa ” #talentedphilippines

“We lack publication of Philippine-centric HR literature. We are too US-centric – Adrian Robles ” #talentedphilippines

“We are too proud of our country but know very little about it” – Adrian Robles ” #talentedphilippines

“We have to be mindful, passionate and present” – Adrian Robles ” #talentedphilippines

“Defining events: Regional Transformation, Economic Bounty, Spiritual Renaissance” – Ramon Segismundo #talentedphilippines

“HR needs to have Vision, Imagination, Passion, Perspiration” – Ramon Segismundo #talentedphilippines

The event ranks at the top of my list of HR events I have attended in the first quarter of the year. I had quite a number of “aha” moments not to mention the caliber of the speakers and attendees.

Looking forward to reading the book and adding “aha” moments to my treasure of box of wonders.






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